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Spring 2018 Bag Trends

But Henry’s detail-rich clothes sometimes could have benefited from a simpler, more spring-infused, approach. The great mysteries of nature and Iceland were touchstones for Issey Miyake in its Paris show. Loose silhouettes — the display’s principle style — hung from the shoulder featuring hazy images of the Icelandic landscape. The blurred motifs were created by baking printed glue on the fabric, sealing the fashion house’s reputation for cutting-edge clothes-making techniques. Elsewhere, fabric panels of colorful checks folded haphazardly across the torso used a brown hue taken from a natural mud pigment. To end the show, squares were pieced together, creating a dark, geometric fabric that evoked light reflecting on volcanic Icelandic rocks. “Great clefts in a กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ราคาถูก harsh landscape, igneous rock covered in moss, gleaming in the rays of the sun, and crystal-clear glaciers stretching as far as the eye can see,” said the program notes. It was prints galore for Christian Wijnants as his guests were treated to the silks and decorations of the Ottoman Empire and Persia. The talented Belgian designer evoked the floral motif found on fine Ottoman and Persian ceramics — that also adorns manuscripts and miniatures — in his diaphanous array of fluttery, lightly-colored printed silken gowns. There was great thought behind the deceptively-simple collection.

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